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Providing unparalleled customer service in every relocation we handle, Melco Global Logistics’ professionals are here to help make each step in your new journey safe, simple, and cost-effective.

We understand that your local, national, or international relocation is a life-changing experience and how important it is to customize your move to your specific requirements.

With decades of freight forwarding experience, Melco Global Logistics is the trusted relocation services provider for many households. Our difference is in our customer service-focused details.

Melco Global Logistics rail transport professionals make each rail transport journey

  • Expert Planning End to End with Experienced Relocation Professionals
    Our highly trained and experienced relocation professionals work with you to plan all the logistics aspects of your relocation so there are no surprises. From packing and pick up to transport and delivery, we handle everything so your move is as simple and budget-friendly as possible.
  • Reliable and Cost-Effective Solutions
    Our global platform of trusted logistics service providers allows us to safely and efficiently move all of your belongings via the most appropriate transportation mode so that you only pay for the trailer or container size you need. If you need warehouse storage, we can also provide that at reasonable rates.
  • We Complete All Documentation Required
    Your Customs or any other relocation documentation is carefully completed by our experienced professionals.
  • Each Melco Global Logistics Move is Handled with Care
    Over the years, our relocation experts have safely moved the belongings of countless households – from furniture, dishes, artwork, and collectibles to automobiles and boats. If you have it, we can move it safely to your destination, wherever that is, and whenever you need it to be there.

The Melco Global Logistics Competitive Edge

We bring the added value of our long-term experience, emphasis on customer service, and a wide variety of contacts in freight forwarding to make your relocation experience with us successful and cost-effective.

Contact the professionals at Melco Global Logistics to learn how we can exceed your relocation requirements using our simple, safe, and reliable logistics services.

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