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Whatever it takes to get essential supplies to people who need them during a crisis, Melco Global Logistics is ready to ship and deliver – safely, quickly, and efficiently. Operating in complete compliance with government rules and regulations, both domestically and internationally, we can deliver virtually anything that is needed – from food and water to medical supplies, clothing, and building equipment and supplies.

Melco Global Logistics Emergency & Relief Industry Services Benefits

  • Melco Professionals Rapidly Explore All Transportation Options and Combinations
    We use our global contacts, experience, and expertise to understand the full spectrum of cargo transportation options and combinations available for your cargo.
  • Melco Professionals Create Customized Transport Plans
    We know that each cargo shipment and each business sending it are unique in their requirements. You receive the plan that is right for your specific needs.
  • Melco Professionals Coordinate Every Aspect of Your Plan
    Once you approve your plan, we do the rest.
  • Melco’s Transport Processes are Transparent
    Using state-of-the-art technology, we make sure that you have peace of mind, knowing where your emergency and relief cargo is at any point in its journey.
  • Budget-Friendly Plans Available
    Whatever your budget, chances are good that Melco Global Logistics can work with you to deliver your emergency and relief cargo safely and on time to anywhere in the world.
  • Always Customer Service Focused
    As your partner to provide vital help in a crisis, Melco Global Logistics has one goal: your complete satisfaction.

The Melco Global Logistics Competitive Edge

At Melco, our 50+ years of industry experience combined with an emphasis on customer service and a wide array of contacts in freight forwarding, make every emergency and relief shipment successful and cost-effective for your organization.

Contact the professionals at Melco Global Logistics to learn how we can make your emergency and relief cargo shipping and delivery simple, safe, and reliable.

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